Leadership Beyond Survivor: Using the Power of Alliances

According to the National Association of Working Women, women still face multiple challenges in the workplace: a culture that minimizes and trivializes their problems, patronizing coworkers, critics who say their efforts will lead to catastrophe, and the risk that they will be pitted against one another. This discussion will focus on harnessing the power of alliances to lead more effectively. Winning takes collaboration and support from others. As in the show Survivor, the winners have strong allies.

Discussion Questions

  1. Is it essential to have allies in the workplace and how do you cultivate those relationships? What has been the role of allies in your ability to overcome challenges in the workplace?
  2. Do women or men make better allies? Is there a difference? What have you learned?
  3. Is office politics a bad word or is it essential for success? What is your advice on navigating office politics?

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