Stop Playing Safe: Courageous Actions to Create a Brighter Future

In her latest book, Stop Playing Safe, Margie Warrell argues that we often know what we want to do but fail to do it because of fear of putting our vulnerability on the line. While not particularly fulfilling, we see the status quo as an easier and less scary option. There is proof of this as advances in brain imaging technology show that human beings are wired to avoid risk. It is easier to settle with the status quo than to take courageous action and make a change. But that leaves us with restricted opportunities to develop our potential and achieve our aspirations.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is your perspective on taking risk? Do you agree with the argument in Stop Playing Safe? Explain why.
  2. In looking back on your career to date, are there instances when you wished you had been less cautious in the chances you took? How did that impact your potential to enhance career opportunities and aspirations?
  3. How do we overcome our tendency to play safe and identify which risks are worth taking? What is your advice to women who opt for inaction due to fear of failure?

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