2016 Oil & Gas Diversity Leadership Roundtable Topics

Influence: An Important Tool for Successful Leadership
Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group to work toward the achievement of a common goal. Over the past several decades, experimental psychologists have learned which methods reliably lead people to concede, comply, or change through influence. Their study suggests that influence is governed by several principles that can be taught and applied. Some of these principles include: credibility, reciprocity, attraction, colleagueship, and commitment. This session shows attendees how to inspire and guide others toward a goal, consistently develop and sustain cooperative working relationships, sell ideas, and motivate people to support and implement decisions, along with other leadership qualities.


Introduction to Servant Leadership: The Power of service to others
Servant Leadership is one of many leadership theories that combine aspects of communication and team development. This session will discuss the approach of how a formal leader can act as a servant to others and explore topics such as vision, group culture, follower types, and leader-follower interactions. Session participants will learn applicable methods to integrate servant leadership into their lives and feel confident in creating change in their group dynamics.


Preparing for Leadership: What it Takes to Take the Lead
This session is designed to help leaders-to-be get ready for new challenges and responsibilities. Through self-assessments and other leadership scenarios attendees will learn what is required to show true leadership. The session will explore roles of strategists, change agents, coaches, managers, communicators, mentors, and team members to help attendees develop their own unique leadership style for maximum impact.


The Practice of Multicultural Leadership
Diversity is a positive characteristic of any organization and in its pursuit, multicultural leadership is needed. As a leader, what actions can you take to make your organization inclusive of people from all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences? Participants in this session will learn about the values and skills associated with multicultural leadership and how to apply them in practical situations.


Examining Your Leadership Style
This session will provide a framework for understanding and practicing leadership, while highlighting the fundamental skills needed to lead in today’s complex world. Participants will have the opportunity to discover their leadership style and learn how to maximize that style in a variety of situations and with a variety of people.


The Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results
It’s a fact of organizational life: Leadership communication goes hand-in-hand with success—and the effective application of this skill is particularly essential in an uncertain economy when painful business decisions are made daily. No matter how compelling the vision or how brilliant the strategy, without leadership communication there is no execution. Through this session attendees will learn how to effectively communicate within their organization improving the success of their objectives.


Women in Leadership: Persistent Problems or Progress?
This research document by Susan M. Kochanowski, Assistant Professor of Management at Marist College, reviews and examines the most recent research regarding the issues impacting women’s advancement into leadership positions to determine where there might be progress and where problems persist. Issues examined include ongoing problems such as the glass ceiling, role models, and women’s leadership development. A primary point that emerges from the current literature, however, is the impact of women’s competing roles in their progress toward parity with men in influential leadership positions. In her ten-year retrospective of women and work, McRae (2005, 331) underscores this problem when she states that “the single issue that has gained more prominence is the role of family, how it effects paid work choices, and how women balance their often competing demands.” This is a complex issue that has major implications for not only the workplace but for society. Attendees of this session will gain knowledge of current issues regarding women’s advancement into leadership positions and discuss the potential cause and effect those issues might present.


Building Influence in the Workplace
Using Aryanne Oade’s Building Influence in the Workplace: How to Gain and Retain Influence at Work. This session examines how to build influence with colleagues and your organization’s opinion-formers and decision- makers. It is about each individual’s personal ability to acquire and sustain influence with colleagues with whom you have some shared values, as well with colleagues with whom you have no shared values.

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