Concurrent Session I


1:45pm- 2:45PM Concurrent Session

Identifying and Aligning with the Leaders/ Global Leaders in Your Organization!

Leaders already have each other, they don’t need you. So, how do you succeed in reaching out and aligning yourself with them in such a way that you get brought inside? Experts who have already “cracked the code” will share with you their best practices and secrets and tell you what it is like being on the “inside.”

Creating Your Personal Career Map!

Becoming a great leader is a process. Your roadmap for success will need to include all of the necessary elements including: menteeship and mentorship; personal brand awareness; personal, career and external/community involvement; creation of your own “advisory board;” networking with internal and external experts, continuing education and much more. Attend this session and be prepared to take notes. Each of the panelists will explain how their roadmap helped them achieve success sooner than if they’d had no plan at all.

Smart Women Take Smart Risks!

Many business leaders have gotten to where they are today by taking smart, strategic risks. Although some individuals may resist from taking risks, organizational leaders understand how to differentiate “best bet” risks from “not now” or “no-go” risky decisions. People might sometimes need to develop the courage they need to take strategic risks that will help them achieve their ultimate goals. The following speakers will discuss the personal experiences they have had taking risks throughout their lives, and will touch upon their perspective as women who have leveraged these risks to attain significant success.