Concurrent Session II


2:45pm-3:45pm Concurrent Session

Become the Go-To Person!

If you’ve been around any amount of time (in any organization), you know about the “informal” chain-of-command. This session shows you how to become the “go-to” person by learning: how and when to ask questions, as well as what questions you should never ask; how to acknowledge and “elevate” others; how to make suggestions; how to seek win-win situations; how to fill in the voids; how to project confidence, competence, clarity, consistency, and commitment as well as authenticity. Observe how go-to people you know do these things and be prepared to share and ask questions of the panelists – each an organization go-to person.

Leadership 101 – Where Do I Begin?

Don’t be fooled by the title. This session is not just for beginners. It’s a confirmation (or possibly a reset) for those with a roadmap; it’s a chance to share your experiences and wisdom; it’s an opportunity to add to your network of committed professionals. If things have gone awry on your journey, be prepared to ask the panelists how and what you should be learning from your experiences.

Climbing The Oil and Gas Corporate Ladder from a Women’s Perspective!